Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'M BACK!!!!

I am finally back into blogging action after a little break. Life has been busy as usual and we seem to always be on the run doing something. Here a few highlights of the last few months that I missed.

Kaitlyn's 2nd Birthday! It was a Cinderella and Prince Charming theme as you can see by my own here:)

We went to go visit my Aunt Susan as she was pregnant with her little boy. We did a road trip and had so much fun around Easter time. She had her baby little William who is just adorable.

I had a great visit from Pamela and her family. We had a blast the short time we got to see her. I don't have pics though:(

Then Dan and I were off to Scottsdale to go visit Leslie and go to his shareholder's retreat. It was so nice to go out there and the weather was perfect. It was awesome as Les found out she was pregnant too when we were staying at her house. What perfect timing is that. Maybe I brought some magic fairy dust to her house. What great news this was for all of us to hear!

We had fun going to dinner with Court and Les. Just like old times in college when we were all in the dorm. Gosh 15 years later and thankfully we don't look too terribly different and it seemed like it was just yesterday when we all got to talking. It was great.