Monday, December 1, 2008

Been a long time...lots of catching up to do

Well it has been a long time since my last blog and much to update on. As usual, it is in no particular order:)

We've got Halloween, Thanksgiving, Dan's birthday and many more birthday parties ahead to view.

This year Tanner was Handy Manny and Kaitlyn was Tinkerbell. I was just grateful to watch them go trick or treating and have so much fun this year. My how Tanner loves the candy. Every day he still asks for candy. I am so glad that it is over but it is so much fun.

Chad, Michelle, Preston, Parker and Paityn came to trick or treat with us and the guys took the kids while Michelle and I hung out at the neighborhood party. Michelle dressed up like Cleopatra and it was lots of fun!
Kathy, Dan and I took the kids to the neighborhood Halloween festival and the kids had so much fun.
The kids were painting pumpkins. They painted so many this year and had so much fun!

This is my Tinkerbell! I can't tell you how excited I was she wanted to be a princess this year. Last year she wanted to be a football player or Superman. We compromised as Supergirl. This year it was a piece of cake.
Tanner was my little Handy Manny and had so much fun sticking his belly out in this outfit. Rocco chewed up his belt but oh well. Tanner didn't mind. He wore it like a champ.

This is Kaitlyn's boyfriend, Andrew. He lives across the street and is 5 years old. She LOVES him. She looks out her bedroom window and wonders what he is doing. Trouble brewing already. He came over to play and he said Kaitlyn do you want to play in my hula hoop. Hence the cute picture...very cute for now.

This is Owens Farm in Plano. I took the kids to the pumpkin patch here for the first time and it was so much fun. They have lots of land and the kids got to run and play. They had a petting zoo, hay ride, horses, ponies, etc. It was a beautiful day and a nice break in the big city.

This little guy was dying for some attention or some food. Not sure but he was just so cute with the kids and very gentle.
The kids were climing the fence to see the ponies. Kaitlyn met a boy of course she had to run around with. He was wearing an Aggie jersey so I thought he might be alright:)
Going on a hay ride!

This was so cute they were holding hands and waiting for the petting zoo. Their first time to feed animals so they were ready to do it together as brother and sister!

Kaitlyn got her 1st official haircut at the salon. Her 1st haircut was by me about a year ago. She had fun going in and getting pampered. She has watched Tanner get his hair cut a million times and she finally got to do it. We lost some of those fabulous curls but they are growing back. I hope they stay because they are very pretty on her. I never had them so I am enjoying learning about curly hair.
My picture order is backwards so bear with me:)
She got her toenails painted too.

We visited Greatwolf Lodge in Grapevine right before school started. I will tell you that I did not enjoy it at all. The waterpark was closed due to some kids going poop in all areas so what a waste of money. Not a good place to take toddlers if the waterpark is shut down. They didn't seem to care that we had nothing to do there. Don't think we will go back again. These pics are out of order too. Oh well.
Kaitlyn and Tanner make an attempt to sleep in the same bed at the hotel. Yea right, that didn't work at all.

It was cute, they had story time at 8pm and their mascots came out while the lady read a book. That was cool.

Oh and because we had nothing to do with the kids there, I had to fork over some cold hard cash to entertain the Tanner to get him a stuffed wolf. Dan had taken Kaitlyn on some water slides as Tanner wanted nothing to do with the big kid area.

Kaitlyn and Tanner are really into riding bikes now. They love showing off for the camera and think they are so big. We have a busy street so we let them ride in our garage. It is safe and they like it. It makes for good practice so they will be ready for the big road one day. Kaitlyn's big Santa request this year is a Big Girl Barbie Bicycle with a Barbie helmet. Can't wait to see what shows up:)
We went to Gavin's birthday party. It was a dress up Halloween Birthday party at Dusti's house. It was great because the weather was nice and we actually got to get all the kids in the picture.
It was cute, there was a face painter there but Tanner prefers his arm. He is all into Superman or Batman. He loves dressing up.

Happy Birthday to Dan!! He turned the big 34!!

Another day of dress up for Kaitlyn. She is always wearing our clothes, shoes, hats and anything she can get her hands on. This day she was all Dan.

A Batman Birthday party for Jack Wood. This is her other boyfriend. They have been going to school since they were 1 so they just love hanging out. She had to sit next to him at the party. It was a superhero party so Kaitlyn was Superman of course.

It's a day of shopping at Nordstrom's. My girl doesn't take after her mommy at all:)
This was her other boyfriend, Andrew's old costume he gave to Tanner. Kaitlyn had to wear it. She looked so cute in it with those chaps and her booty.
Kaitlyn was wearing Tanner's backup Halloween costume which was Elmo. He wanted to be Elmo first but it is like 80 degrees outside and there is no way he was going to make it past 2 houses without burning up. I kept it so they could dress up. And what do you know, they like playing in it.

Tanner and I were cooking something up in the kitchen. He loves being my helper and getting all the good stuff before it goes in the oven. Smart boy!

Thanksgiving trip to the farm. We went to visit my grandparents for Thanksgiving and had a great time. They are not in very good order either.
Dan spent the day taking the kids on the 4 wheeler and they just loved it.
When they weren't riding the 4 wheeler they rode bicycles. They really enjoyed all the space to get out and go fast.

Dan has a special moment where both Tanner and Kaitlyn sat still long enough to get some cuddle time.

Happy 91st Birthday Papa!!! We had so much fun celebrating his birthday. It was a surprise that we were going to celebrate it. He enjoyed the attention and celebration of how far he has made it in life. A moment he could enjoy in the spotlight!
Granny and Papa! Don't they look great!

Tanner took this picture of Dan and I and we were excited as to get in a picture together finally.