Friday, June 27, 2008

Silly Daddy and Kaitlyn

I had to post this one because it was just too funny. Dan's mom bought a bunch of toys for the kids to play with and these were definitely a hit. Kaitlyn loves being silly with her daddy!

Tanner turns 2!

Where did my baby boy go??

My little Tanner Nanner turned the big 2 in June! Gosh how time flies by when you have kids. It just feels like yesterday when he was born and today he is just so big. He acts like a big boy and we are looking for his big boy bed as he is making that transition. It is sad in some ways as he isn't a baby anymore but he is just so much fun and always so happy. I love watching him grow and he is doing that fast.

He is going to be my little athlete I can tell already. He loves being outside as you can tell by his red face. He can't play enough with the soccer ball, basketball, football, baseball etc. I will say though that he will be well rounded as he looks up to his little sister so much and wants to do everything she does including dress up in girl clothes. It makes me laugh and him too!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

More pics...

So here are a plethera of random pics over the last several months of this year. I was just looking through and found some that I didn't have time to put on. Better late than never!

We visited my aunt Susan before she had the baby and Kaitlyn and Tanner got to spend some fun time with Jacquelyn. We had an afternoon at the mall and the kids love riding the carousel.
Here are a few pictures of the storm and damage that it did to our house for those that didn't see it. Fun stuff. Hopefully that season has passed us now as it is cranking up to a 100 degrees lately here.

Part of our fence flew through our window in the study and oh the mess it created.
Here are our other 2 baby boys. Chance and little guy Rocco. Rocco is a big 7 months old now and pure puppy. He loves eating the kids toys, chewing the hands and feet off of Kaitlyn's barbies, eating my carpet-2 times now, eating my plants outside, chewing on Chances ears all the time and whatever else he can get in his mouth. Other than that, he is just the sweetest thing and so much fun to have. Chance loves him but probably wishes he had a place to escape every once in a while.

Thought I would post this one since Kaitlyn looks like she is posing for the camera. What a rarity it is as she normal makes a funny face and runs when I get the camera out. Love that phase!

Oops he did it again. Tanner tries so hard to get his outfits all put together but something always seems just a little out of place. That's my boy.....

We went to the Dallas Zoo for the first time and had so much fun. It was a beautiful day but wow there were 5 million kids there. Tanner just looked in amazement as I don't think he has ever seen that many kids in one place especially in a single file line. They were admiring the goldfish tank.

That's it for now! Hopefully it won't take me 3 more months to post again. I do love it, it is just that time factor. Tanner did turn the BIG 2 years old this month so I will post pics from that soon. They are on my mom's camera. Ciao for now.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Where does the time go...

Ok so I admit I am not the best blogger but hey I am making an attempt. Life seems to finally be settling down from the aftermath of the tornado that hit our house. I have been a busy bee with all the vendors trying to get things back to normal. Dan and I went on vacation a few weeks ago, the kids are out of school, life has just gotten a whole lot busier in the kid department. What fun we will have in the sun this summer with lots of things planned. Here are a few pictures of the kiddos and how they just keep getting bigger and bigger everyday...

Dan and I went on a vacation to Playa del Carmen and stayed at Secrets. What a great place. We did manage to make it there just in time for the first tropical storm of the season but we managed with the unlimited cocktails and free time to ourselves.
This is Dan and I at dinner one night. We couldn't find our camera before we left so this is from my iphone.

Here is my Tanner Nanner. He is just so big now. What a joy he is and such a happy boy! He's always making me smile.
Here is Kaitlyn and Dan. She is keeping me on my toes. Always doing the unexpected and changing everyday. We went from a craze of Cinderella to being crazy about Superman all in the span of a few months. Here is her phase of thinking she is Superman and a boy too. She cracks me up. She is a girlie girl but definitely random sometimes. These will be great pics for her to look back on one day:)

Here is Kaitlyn with the infamous Turtle. I got Turtle in Mexico when I was pregnant and before I knew it was a girl. So maybe somehow Kaitlyn helped me pick this Turtle out when I was pregnant. Turtle has been on many and all journeys with Kaitlyn. That is her baby and prized possession since birth (or even possibly before that).

Kaitlyn is in ballet class. She loves it and I love watching her. She has always walked on her tiptoes so it is only natural for her to be in ballet. She is very good at it and it has been really fun doing the mommy and me class with her. This summer she will be doing it all by herself as I watch from outside:(
Well what can I say. Tanner is going to be a well rounded kid. He LOVES sports- any and all of them. He loves guy stuff and he LOVES wearing Kaitlyn's shoes and mine too. I have no doubts about his masculinity that will continue to develop as he gets older however I do have to remind him that sparkly bows and shoes are just not for boys. Matching clothing items will come later:)

This is me and my baby boy. He just got a haircut and it was spikey on top. Super cute and gosh he is just looking so much older now. He's not a baby anymore.

Tanner was at gym class and looking a little tired from all that playing. He loves hanging on everything like a monkey and jumping on everything too.