Thursday, January 15, 2009


Happy New Year 2009 all my friends and family! I hope the new year is treating you well so far. We have been busy as usual and trying to get back to our routine. We are excited that my mom will be retiring in a few weeks from TI and looking forward to seeing her more often. I am about to go visit Leslie and her new addtion, Alexandra in Arizona. Dan will take the kids to Waxahachie for a grandparent weekend there. Here are a few updates from the holidays:

I love this picture of Tanner. He is posing for me and wearing his Superman pjs.
This is Chance and he is my pretty boy.
This is our Rocco. He is a cutie!

My sweet baby girl in her PJs.

Kaitlyn and Tanner were letting me practice on them with my new camera. I am proud of this pic.

I was practicing my photography.

There's my Dan! I got a new camera for Christmas and I was practicing. So much fun to practice.

My boys sleeping. How sweet is that!!

Dan and I were trying to get a picture together for once. Kaitlyn thought Turtle needed to be in the picture too.
Tanner as usual listened to Kaitlyn and she told him to dress up in her ballet outfit. Of course he said yes as he does whatever she says. Then she proceeded to say "Sister come here and play". At that point I had to draw the line and Kaitlyn says "Mommy it is just pretend that he is my sister!" Our kids and their imaginations. So I then took a picture. The boy doesn't even know how much embarassment this will cause him later in life. Depending on how nice he is to his mama will depend on if I get this one out.

We had Dan's company team Christmas party at our house. Dan got a minute to get a good picture with his brother who is the marketing expert for his firm.

Tanner was helping me cook. He loves cooking in the kitchen and being my little helper. He is a mama's boy and I love it:)

Christmas with Grandma is always fun. They just love it when she plays with them and is goofy! Grandma is so much fun.

Our traditional breakfast with Santa was great as usual. The kids just love having so much time with him it is something we do with our neighbors.

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Mandy said...

So good to see you here! I love all the pictures!!! You guys make such a cute couple!! BTW, I LOVE the photo of Tanner in his leotard and tights. LOL! ;)